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This is Katlyn.


Katlyn writes about history, travel, and culture... with some snark.

"Your writing 'voice' is stellar! I’m most likely going to read everything you choose to publish. What a treasure."

"How cool is this.

Careful, you’re gonna have students flocking to you and following you on your next trip.

Fantastic story telling."

"I don’t know why but from your writing I feel that you must be a very fun person to be with who is very funny and jokes all the time and people around you never have a dull moment."

"This is so amazing. The way you write really engaged me as a reader. It’s like you’re right in front of me and we’re having a conversation!"

"Fabulous piece! I was, in turns, amused and awestruck. Gonna share the heck out of this one!"

"I can relate to all of this except the funny part."

"HELLO! OMG I love your writing style. It’s so fun to read. I wish you could be my History teacher, Ms. Katlyn hahaha.. I look forward to your 'historical-themed' articles. Good luck, greetings from Indonesia."

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A few samples from her blog:


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Cool. So we're, like, best friends now, kay? 😁


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More reviews just in case your finger's hovering over that Subscribe button:

"Three things:

  1. Your titles are always killer.

  2. I live for those bursts of wit amongst serious issues and history lessons.

  3. I always thought history was boring. (Blame the school system.) Now, you have me reading about statues and their history… for fun.

As always, great fucking piece. Seriously cannot wait to read one of your books one day!"

"This is something really and truly special. And a marvel to read.

"This is an outstanding piece of writing, both for the strength of your personal voice and for the importance of the subject matter, supported by solid research. I enjoyed every word and will be sharing widely. Well done."


"Best [publication] read of the past couple weeks for me! Fascinating and superbly well written."

"Katlyn, that was so interesting. I love your wicked sense of humor and your engaging writing style!"

"Not a single day passes when I don't think about your articles. I convert your articles from text to speech so my senses can grab your innate wisdom."

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Katlyn's CV:

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"Determination and a wicked sense of humor - that’s what you get when you hire Katie. Her eye for storytelling is spot-on. She grabs her audience right away and knows exactly how to keep them engaged. Her enthusiasm and curiosity are contagious and they add something really special to her unique writing voice. I would strongly urge you to take advantage of her talent."

-Todd Kreisman, Creative Director at Shmoop

Katlyn is incredible to work with, a kind, endearing soul, with a gift for the written word. Her writing style is phenomenal. Every word pops on the page. Katlyn’s work ethic is second to none. She has a knack for writing and never wants to stop! Her management and editing skills are irreplaceable and she creates incredible, regularly scheduled blogs with great and impactful content. If you hire anyone, hire Katlyn, I promise you won’t regret it. It would be a true gift to have her on your team.

-Kevin Hines of

With all my heart I recommend Katlyn as a dedicated resourceful, brilliant, dependable, motivated creative! Feel free to contact me for references. If you work with Katlyn, your team will be lifted!

-Laura Albert, author of the best-selling novels Sarah and The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things and writer for the HBO series Deadwood.

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